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Noah's Ark - BibleKids 3D (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Noah's Ark - BibleKids 3D (Kindle Tablet Edition)
RocketPop Games
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Noah's Ark - BibleKids 3D (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Noah's Ark - BibleKids 3D (Kindle Tablet Edition) (View in Amazon Android Store)
Developer: RocketPop Games
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Price: $1.99
Release Date: 2012-11-29
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Tap, touch and listen to “Noah and the Ark” like you have never seen before in full3D!

Noah and the Ark takes you on the adventure of Noah and his family's quest to build a giant boat and take two of each animal with them, trusting God and doing what he was asked to do. The stories are told in a light way, BibleKids 3D believes parents prefer children’s stories to be fun, learning and immersive- and leave the theology up to them. BibleKids 3D brings to life an engaging line of digital books that will entertain your kids, friends and families time after time. Jason Padgett (who has appeared in “Spiderman”, “The Shield”, and “ER”) and Fred Dryer (Lt. Rick Hunter in the “Hunter" TV Series, “Fire over Afghanistan”, Talk Show Host, and Pro Football Star) have endorsed the BibleKids 3D Book Series. Features include full 3D vibrant colors and scenes - tapping on them brings the characters and animals to life! Read the story yourself or listen to the professionally narrated voice of Dex Alexander- singer for the Christian Band “All Together Separate”. Professionally written for kids. Replay over and over! ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Solve Fully 3D puzzles that move and have different skill levels! Memory games for kids. Move backwards and forwards to repeat scenes. Get the whole series! We would love to hear from you! Join us on Facebook- search for BibleKids 3D or visit - “It’s Fun To Believe”!

NOTE: Kindle HDX users - you may need to lock the rotation on your device. We are aware of this problem and will fix it as soon as we can!
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