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App NameDeveloper
94Fifty Basketball 94Fifty Basketball 94Fifty®
Allthecooks Recipes Allthecooks Recipes Allthecooks
CNN Breaking News CNN Breaking News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News
Compass Compass Google Help
Concur Concur Concur
Dawn Data Dawn Data Unidentified Glass Developer
Duolingo Duolingo Duolingo
Elle Elle Hearst Corporation
Evernote Evernote Evernote
Facebook Facebook Facebook
Fancy Fancy Fancy
Field Trip Field Trip Field Trip
Foursquare Foursquare FourSquare
Gmail Gmail Unidentified Glass Developer
GolfSight by SkyDroid GolfSight by SkyDroid SkyDroid
Google Calendar Google Calendar Google Help
Google Now Google Now Google
Google Play Music Google Play Music Google Help
Google+ Google+ Google
GuidiGO GuidiGO GuidiGO
Hangouts Hangouts Google
iGaranti iGaranti Unidentified Glass Developer
Jewish Guide for Glass Jewish Guide for Glass Rusty Brick
KitchMe KitchMe KitchMe
Livestream Livestream Livestream
LynxFit LynxFit LynxFit
Marketing Land Marketing Land Marketing Land - Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips
Mashable Velocity Mashable Velocity Mashable
Memoirs Memoirs Unidentified Glass Developer
MindMeister MindMeister Mind Meister
Mini Games Mini Games Google Help
Monocle for Reddit Monocle for Reddit Unidentified Glass Developer
musiXmatch musiXmatch musiXmatch
Mvelopes Mvelopes Unidentified Glass Developer
MyRadar Weather Radar MyRadar Weather Radar Unidentified Glass Developer
OpenTable OpenTable OpenTable Community - OpenTable Community
OVGuide for Glass OVGuide for Glass OVGuide
Path Path Path
PosterBoy PosterBoy PosterBoy
RedLaser for Glass RedLaser for Glass Unidentified Glass Developer
Refresh Refresh Refresh
Runtastic Fitness Collection Runtastic Fitness Collection Runtastic Help
Shazam Shazam Shazam
Shop X Shop X Shop X
Sky Shooting Sky Shooting Unidentified Glass Developer
SocialRadar SocialRadar Unidentified Glass Developer
Spellista Spellista Glu Mobile
SPG for Glass SPG for Glass SPG
SportsYapper SportsYapper SportsYapper | Where Fans Belong
Star Chart Star Chart Google
Stopwatch Stopwatch Unidentified Glass Developer
Strava Strava Strava
Strava Run Strava Run Strava
Swingbyte Swingbyte Swingbyte
The Guardian The Guardian The Guardian
The New York Times The New York Times The New York Times
The Traveler The Traveler
Thuuz Sports Thuuz Sports Thuuz
Timer Timer Google Help
Trackendo Trackendo Unidentified Glass Developer
TripIt® from Concur TripIt® from Concur Trip It
Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr
Twitter Twitter Twitter Help Center
Umano Umano Umano
Video Voyager Video Voyager Video Voyager
Vodo Vodo Addventurer
Watchup Watchup Watchup Inc.
Weather Alert Weather Alert Roll Innovation
What's Around What's Around Unidentified Glass Developer
Winkfeed Winkfeed Wink Feed
Word Lens Word Lens Google Help
Word of the Day Word of the Day Word of the Day
YouTube YouTube Google
Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run! Six to Start