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What is AppData?
AppData provides a bird's-eye view of the Facebook and Mobile app market, giving you the tools you need to make data-driven decisions for your business. Use AppData to analyze your competitors' current and historical performance, market trends, and app lifecycles.
  • Looking for intelligence, data, and trending information on mobile apps?
  • AppData tracks apps in the iOS, Facebook, and Google Play Stores.

AppData started collecting Facebook MAU/DAU data in 2009 and has the largest database of historical data available. Tracking over 200,000 Facebook apps every day, our data includes Facebook Connect and Canvas (mobile and desktop).

  • Leader in MAU/DAU stats
  • Most complete database of historical MAU/DAU

AppData analyzes app and developer revenue estimates for iPhone and iPad for 9 countries. Looking for trending information? Search our leaderboards by genre, or Top charts (Free, Paid, Grossing).

  • Analyzing any app making more than $300 per day
  • Over 5,000 revenue estimates generated every day
  • Beta! Over 10,000 download estimates generated every day
Google Play

AppData analyzes app and developer revenue estimates for the Google Play store.

  • Analyzing the Top Grossing Leaderboards for 9 countries
  • Over 4,200+ revenue estimates generated every day

Who is AppData for?
AppData provides an economical solution to help you understand who and/or how your competition is doing.
  • Thinking of building an iOS game?
  • How much revenue is a specific app or genre generating on a daily or monthly basis?
  • If you are building a game for iOS or Android, are you adding Facebook Connect?
  • If so, look up the app in our Facebook data and determine their MAU/DAU numbers.
  • Is Facebook a factor in driving sales / user adoption?
AppData provides the intelligence to help you make business decisions to monitor your competition, revenue and new apps being added to the mobile ecosystem.
Investment Firms
AppData is your trusted analytics partner to understand the metrics on publicly traded companies. It is also used by VCs to spot the next "hot" app investment opportunity. AppData can help you spot early trends by using our Top charts and extensive leaderboard data.
  • Are you tracking publicly traded companies?
  • How is Zynga doing? How is Zynga's monthly MAU to DAU stats trending?
  • How are MAU/DAU stats trending for all the public gaming companies?
  • How is a specific app doing? Is it moving up the charts?
  • How is an app ranking in a specific category or genre?
  • What type of apps are growing?
  • What to know how much an iOS app is making globally vs a specific country?
  • What about iPhone Vs iPad?
  • How much revenue is a specific developer generating by iPad Vs iPhone?
  • What about by country?
  • Need historical data? Download the data to a CSV file and do your own analysis.
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