The AppData Team

Who are we?

AppData is made up of a team of passionate perfectionists who geek out on the latest social games, trendsetting mobile apps, and data analysis. At our core, we are a bunch of data focused individuals with a multiple decade focus on building scalable, data centric web apps.

Scott Johnson

J. Scott Johnson, "Scott" | Founder and President

Scott is the architect behind AppData and the individual responsible for driving the product forward day after day, week after week, year after year -- as he has been since 2010. With a four year track record behind him, Scott is looking forward to making AppData even stronger than its current market leading position. Prior to AppData, Scott has built cutting edge web applications in the areas of education, internet search, cancer diagnosis and many other areas. Scott is also a veteran of NTERGAID and Dataware where he cut his teeth bringing hypertext and knowledge management applications to the market. Scott is a veteran entrepreneur with AppData being his fifth time at the rodeo.
Beyond AppData, Scott is a passionate husband and father with strong interests in reading, cooking and working with his hands.

Eric Moore

Eric Moore, "Eric" | Director of Sales & Customer Service

Eric has been part of AppData since early 2010. He has worked throughout the country in various customer service and tech support positions in the past. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and family, camping, and being outdoors.

DV Suresh

D.V. Suresh, "DV" | Senior Software Engineer

DV joined AppData in 2012 and is a full stack engineer where he works across the entire codebase. Before joining AppData, DV had worked in developing and maintaining applications in insurance and financial domains.

Lori Moore

Lori Moore, "Lori" | Online Marketing Specialist

Lori joined AppData as a full-time employee in 2014, where she took on responsibility for our online marketing and social media presence, as well as handling end-user support. Since 2011, she has been involved in maintaining the quality of AppData's massive dataset. Outside AppData, she enjoys world travel, great coffee, and good conversation with friends.