Have Apps? Interested in Apps? You Need AppData.

  1. We're not just Facebook anymore. Here at AppData, we definitely built our business on top of Facebook. And while we have broadest facebook specific data of anyone, we aren't just Facebook anymore. Every single day our crawlers are indexing the app stores for Apple, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Microsoft Windows Phone and even the new Google Glass.
  2. Depth and Scope. We're not some johnny come lately to this industry -- we have been indexing apps since 2008. This is our focus and we offer unparalleled historical depth and scope.
  3. Its Not Just About the Apps. Succeeding in the App business, unfortunately, isn't just about the app itself. Apps today exist in a rich social ecosystem and our PageData and gPlusData products help you make sense of this. Now while PageData and gPlusData are separate products from AppData, a combined license is available on request and we do integrate data from PageData directly into AppData for leading apps.
  4. Data Science. With well 2,000,000 individual data points gathered today from many different app stores in well over a hundred countries, we have data and we know how important it is to bring the latest in data science to bear onto the problem. We have sophisticated data science routines that provide both revenue estimates and download estimates for different types of apps.
  5. It's All About You. We have customers that range from small developers to some of the largest game companies to literally world leading investment banks. And we offer a robust suite of customization services. Need a specific report to explain why King is (or isn't) a great investment? We can help you with that. Need to just talk to someone who's immersed in this data every single day? We have both product engineers who can validate our data and explain any anomalies you might see to a full time data scientist who is only a phone call away. Need to pipe information from AppData straight into your internal systems to make sure that your product managers understand how your apps (or your competitors) are succeeding? We call that a Feed Delivery and every single day these are sent out to customers.
  6. Data. Software. Services. Whatever you need, we're here for you. And, while many of our customers sign up online and use AppData every single day without ever speaking to anyone here, if you do need help with the apps you care about, we are here to offer whatever you need.
  7. We Succeed Only if You Succeed. We know that our success is dependent on you succeeding and that's why every AppData or PageData subscription includes a free one hour "onboarding" session where a client analyst works directly with you to make sure you're getting the most of your investment.
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