Q. Where do you get your data from?
A. Facebook data is gathered via API directly from Facebook. iOS and Android data is gathered from the App Store and Google Play store.

Q. How often is your data updated?
A. Data is updated once per day.

Q. How do I see an app’s history beyond 30 days?
A. AppData Pro and Enterprise users have access to a wealth of historical data. Make sure you’re logged in, then search for a specific Application Profile using the search box. Scroll down to the Traffic Trends section and click on the Choose a Date Range field. You can select data for the previous month, the entire year, or specify a custom date range.

Q. What range does your data span?
A. Our data spans from October 2008 to today.

Q. Can I reference or link to your data?
A. We’re always happy to consider requests from analysts and journalists. Please contact us with your specific request.

Q. Can you run a custom report for me?
A. Enterprise clients can request custom reports as part of their annual subscription package or purchase them on an individual basis. Contact us for more information.

Q. My app is missing. How can I get it added?
A. Go to the Add Your App page and submit your application ID or URL. We’ll get it added in no time.

Q. How can I associate a different developer with my app?
A. Contact us with the correct developer name, and we’ll update the record.

Q. Do you track MAU and DAU for apps? Which platforms?
A. Yes. We track MAU and DAU activity for Facebook apps only. iOS and Google Play apps do not provide a similar metric.

Q. What platforms track revenue estimates?
A. iOS and Google Play.

Q. What platforms track download estimates?
A. iOS, which is currently for the United States only.

Q. Can I export data from AppData?
A. Yes. Almost all of the data we track is readily available for CSV export. This includes:

  • Facebook MAU & DAU
  • Revenue Estimates
  • Download Estiamtes
  • Rankings
  • Ratings

Q. Why is there missing data for an iOS or Google Play app on some days?
A. If an iOS or Google Play app you are tracking falls too low or completely off of a leaderbaord, estimates may not be avaialable for those days. If the app never returns to a top leaderboard etimates may stop completely.


Subscriptions & Billing

Q. How can I sign up for AppData?
A. Please visit our Pricing Page to get started.

Q. How long is a monthly subscription?
A. Monthly subscriptions give you 30 days of access and will automatically renew each month until cancelled.

Q. How do I cancel?
A. You may cancel at any time by contacting us. Upon cancellation, your subscription will remain active until the end of your current 30 days.

Q. Is there a minimum subscription requirement?
A. No, besides one month, of course. Monthly subscriptions are purchased in 1-month increments. You can stay on for as long as you wish, or use AppData for just one month if that's all you need.

Q. I just need access for a couple of days or weeks, can I buy a pro-rated subscription?
A. No. 

Q. Can I share my login with my coworker(s)?
A. No. If you need multiple-user access we would be glad to discuss a multi-user account. Any login sharing will result in immediate cancellation of your subscription. 

Q. Can I share data with external sources?
A. No. This is explicitly against our Subscription Terms. Any data sharing agreement must be specifically agreed upon with a written contract. Please contact us to discuss a data sharing agreement. Any data sharing will result in immediate cancellation of your subscription. 


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