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AppData is the standard in indexing applications and tracking their analytics on a daily basis. Whether you're looking at our market leading Facebook metrics, Apple iOS analysis, Google Play metrics or even experimenting with Google Glass, you need AppData.

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Key AppData Features

  • Supported apps include: Facebook, iOS, Google Play, Google Glass and more
  • Vast Data Archive: Our core analytics database stretches back to 2008 and we gather over 2,000,000 + data points every single day
  • Daily indexing lets you monitor just the apps you care about or the overall app ecosystem
  • Automatically generated revenue and download estimates help you see who's succeeding

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We know that getting a handle around app analytics and answering a question like How is King doing this quarter is really, really hard. Give us a call at (747) 221-6215 or contact us by following the link and we can get started helping you today.

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Here's How AppData Can Help You!

Every app has a robust profile summarizing the important metadata in one concise view

Our data science routines calculate daily revenue estimates for leading apps

Beyond revenues, we also estimate downloads daily.

And, naturally, leaderboard rankings are always available

And we show you how your app is being rated by real users

Our Social Graph integration lets you directly relate your app to its Facebook page and see Likes

Our Social Graph integration lets you directly relate your app to its Facebook page and see People Talking About This (PTAT)

See Where in the World People Are Interacting with the App

Visualize Where People Are Talking About This

See How the Audience Varies by Country

See How the Audience Varies by Population

Access to the Raw Data is Always Available

Beyond Facebook, AppData also indexes leading App specific blogs and trackes app level coverage

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