Understanding Estimates

What are Facebook MAU/DAU estimates?

MAU_E and DAU_E are estimated MAU and DAU values based on current performance data from Facebook and our 6-year-old database of historical Facebook application metrics. By analyzing trends in our database of almost 400 million measurements of how MAU and DAU function and move over time, our Data Scientists have been able to develop algorithms for estimating MAU and DAU values for Facebook applications.

Why are estimates necessary?

As of January 2013, Facebook simplified MAU and DAU reporting by categorizing each app into a MAU/DAU tier supplemented with a ranking that indicates an app’s performance compared to all other Facebook apps. While this information is valuable, it is much less specific than the metrics provided historically.

How are they generated?

MAU_E and DAU_E incorporate key metrics and tie them to historical analysis to generate a highly precise estimate of MAU and DAU. This approach is similar to other traffic estimation approaches used by companies such as ComScore and Nielsen. Metrics incorporated into our estimates include MAU and DAU application ranks, daily floor and ceiling values from Facebook, overall ecosystem growth, historical seasonality, and other performance factors.

How can they be used?

MAU_E and DAU_E function just like the MAU and DAU values that AppData reported prior to January 2013:

  • They can be aggregated for a composite developer rank.
  • They can be used in a DAU / MAU ratio.
  • They can be used for daily, weekly and monthly gain analysis.
  • They can be used in custom data feeds.

How often are estimates updated?

MAU_E and DAU_E are reported daily as part of our regular Facebook indexing cycle.

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