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Appsfire (gratis): tu dosis diaria de fantásticas aplicaciones y ofertas
Appsfire (gratis): tu dosis diaria de fantásticas aplicaciones y ofertas
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Appsfire (gratis): tu dosis diaria de fantásticas aplicaciones y ofertas
Appsfire (gratis): tu dosis diaria de fantásticas aplicaciones y ofertas (View in iTunes)
Developer: APPSFIRE
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★☆★ Winner of the "148apps - 2011 Best App Ever" Award for Best App Bargain ★☆★

Welcome to Appsfire Deals 2.4. Save time and save money by
downloading the app that millions of people are using to discover great DEALS on the best FREE apps and PRICE DROPS in the App Store.

Rated ★★★★+ A top-ranked app in the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and more!

Every day Appsfire searches high and low through the App Store for top-quality apps that are:
FREE for a limited-time only
ON SALE for a limited-time only.
TOP-RANKED in the App Store

But what really sets Appsfire apart is that we also evaluate apps for QUALITY. Any app in the App Store can change price - Appsfire does the work of selecting the best of the best so you don’t have to.

App Deals = Great apps + Great deals. So what are you waiting for?


Still not convinced? Here’s what you get with App Deals:

App Deals brings you deals on apps that you won’t find anywhere else. If you don’t download App Deals, you’re missing out on lots of amazing deals.

Every time you open App Deals, you’ll discover brand new deals on free and low-cost apps. Not a day goes by that you won't find a great app with App Deals!

Appsfire's one-of-a-kind "Streams" help you scan through dozens of apps in mere seconds. Discover and download a handful of great apps in less than a minute.

Like movie trailers? You’ll love video previews of apps. App Deals brings you videos for each app so you can see how it works before you download.

Looking for a particular type of app? Maybe free photography apps or music apps? Put those streams right on your home screen and start viewing those apps as soon as you fire up the app!

When you find a great app at a great price, share apps with friends in a single click!

Appsfire’s Notification Wall is your source for the latest news and content about deals on apps and other promotions from Appsfire.


Like App Deals? Try Appsfire for iPhone:

iPad owners: Check out Appstream for iPad. Appstream delivers tons of great apps right before your eyes in a mesmerizing stream.


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