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The GEICO App: We took everything you love about GEICO, and made it mobile.

This update is required for all users!

* View and store Full-screen digital ID cards
* Pay your bill
* Change your payment plan
* View your discounts and coverage detail
* Quote adding, replacing or removing a vehicle
* View claims, photos uploaded on and reschedule claim appointments
* Receive notifications at login for recent claim activity
* View driver and vehicle information
* Update your contact information
* Customize the app with one of your favorite GEICO characters!
* Chat with Lily, GEICO's virtual assistant
* Email GEICO securely from the app

Features for Everyone:
* Arrange for Roadside Assistance conveniently, without making a call
* Accident Guide- A step-by-step guide to help you record and email to yourself or to GEICO all the necessary information from the scene.
* Find Gas Nearby

Connect with GEICO:
* Watch funny commercials and surf social media!
* Find your dream car on GEICO's Car Buying Service!

NOTE: To log into the GEICO App, your GEICO policy must:
* Be registered at
* Have an auto or motorcycle policy
* Not be subject to other policy restrictions

What's New in Version 2.10:

* Required update for all users. Supports login for GEICO customers with multiple policies.
* Bug fixes
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