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Draw This App
Peter Hamilton
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Draw This App
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Developer: Peter Hamilton
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**Please watch the video @ www.drawthisapp.com if you're having trouble getting started**
**There is a LEFT handed mode, tap the gear in the top right**

“Draw this App” turns your iPad into a virtual studio that will improve your drawing skills using metrics to track progress. The app challenges the user using a similar technique for learning how to write cursive so that anyone can hone their drawing skills.

*Support for both left & right handed people (settings menu)
*Simplified break down of complex objects
*System to track metrics of accuracy and number of attempts
*Guidance system to focus the eye
*4 varying modes to keep it interesting and challenging
*6 units in version one, hoping to build a complete library over time

designed & programmed by artist Peterson Hamilton: www.petersonh.com
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