Nail Salon - Free
Nail Salon - Free
Shake It Inc.
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Nail Salon - Free
Nail Salon - Free (View in iTunes)
Developer: Shake It Inc.
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Heading out for the school dance or are getting ready for your big Wedding Day... whatever the special occasion make your nails beautiful with Nail Salon!

Get ready for that special day and paint each nail just the way you want it! Pretend you are at the nail salon and can have your nails anyway you wish!

Download now and indulge yourself with these awesome features:

❤ Paint on the color of your dreams!
❤ Choose from TONS of fabulous patterns!
❤ Use rhinestones, jewels, stickers, and MORE!
❤ Can’t decide ? Choose from a HUGE selection of already painted nails and apply to all!

Download TODAY!!!
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