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Ink for iOS
Ink for iOS (View in iTunes)
Developer: Colin McFarland
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Ink is a canvas for instantly capturing a rough sketch or back-of-a-napkin idea. The only features are smooth ink on soft paper with built-in sharing.

True to our philosophy: Feature number one should always be as few features as needed to perform the primary purpose.

— Sketch and capture instantly
— Double tap grabber for actions

— Pull up on the grabber for instant capture and clear

"Ink perfectly reproduces the simple joy of sketching away on a pad of paper" — Martin Bryant,

"Ink gets right to the point and stays out of the way" — Dave Caolo,

"Ink is a quick loading and simple sketchpad for fast idea capture" — Thorin Klowowski,

^The ink featured is by Mike Rohde, author of The Sketchnote Handbook and Illustrator of REWORK