appHiFi Dock Enhancer
appHiFi Dock Enhancer
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appHiFi Dock Enhancer
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Unique: The virtual speakers for your stereo dock!
-> Feel and enjoy with your music
-> Expand the soundstage
-> Improve the quality of the sound

AppHiFi Dock enhancer can improve the quality of stereo sound from your dock by creating the illusion of additional virtual speakers!

In order to take full advantage, you need to make yourself in front of the dock (preferably in center) and activate one of the three effects (Dock1, Dock2, Dock3).

During the test, it is preferable to use such music type like jazz, live music, movies songs... rather than songs without dynamic change.

Once the mode for dock is selected, you can adjust the settings by adding bass and treble effect via the EQ proposed.

!Warning! :
This application was developed to listen on dock only.
It is not suitable for other media (headphones, stereo, headphones ...)

Technical Specifications:
* IPhone 4 and following models
* IPod Touche 4/5
* Optimized for iPhone 5
* For iOS 5 and the following versions
* FOR STEREO IHOME / DOCKSTATION ONLY ! No headphones, earphones...
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