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Beardify - Grow a Beard
Beardify - Grow a Beard
Apptly LLC
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Beardify - Grow a Beard
Beardify - Grow a Beard (View in iTunes)
Developer: Apptly LLC
Game Center: No
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$0.99 The Mutton Chops
$0.99 The Chin Curtain
$0.99 The Chin Strap
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Beardify. Grow a beard (NOW with CAT BEARDS!)

NEW HOLIDAY FUN: Make it SNOW by shaking your phone! Also add Santa hats and holiday greetings when sharing your bearded-self with friends and family!

- Why grow a beard? Why NOT?
- Not sure what style? Try on tons of super realistic, "follicle-accurate" beard styles.
- Tired of having beardless pets? Fix that, with Beardify!

Give your friends the gift of facial hair:
Share via Instagram, MMS, Facebook, YouTube(video export), Twitter, and Email.


Cat Beard (NEW): Because sometimes cats are beards!

Zappa (NEW): And sometimes you just need to be Frank

Goatee - A true classic.

Balbo - This beard exudes genius-playboy-billionaire-philanthropist.

Soul Patch - Subtle but striking.

Mutton Chops - This style proves that sideburns were meant to be BIG.

Claus - Santa has nothing on this beard!

Chin Strap - The perfect complement to any jawline. AND look like you play sports!

Hollywoodian - Also known as 'Riker's Beard', this style is both nautical AND decorative.

Chin Curtain - Draw the curtain... on your chin!

- Get Stacheify to unlock spectacular mustache/beard combos right in Beardify.

Stache and Goatee - A devilishly attractive combo.

Anchor - Show off your seafaring sense of style.

Friendly Mutton Chops - Connect your sideburns as they've always wanted to be connected... with a mustache!

(What beard styles do YOU want in Beardify?!)
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