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Cubie Village
Ming Yang
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Cubie Village
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Developer: Ming Yang
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$3.99 unlimited moves
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$2.99 1200Gold
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The hottest iPhone puzzle game is Free for a very limited time now! Claim the hard-earned prize waiting for you inside. Are you up to challenge?

★Rabbit, don't run away!★

Beyond the mountain and the sea there is a bamboo grove. The inhabitants, some good-natured little people, grew bamboos to build their houses. The emerald-looking, sweet bamboo shoots, nevertheless, also attract large numbers of aspiring pandas, as well as sneaky rabbits who would dart away with fresh shoots.

☆☆Rally up and protect our bamboo!☆☆

Match 3 for Fun! Cubie Village brings infinite joy through comic-style graphics and an addictive gameplay, in which the bamboo forest, huts, jumping pandas as well as rabbits will easily tickle you. In Cubie Village, your task is to match three or more same items to produce an advanced item, and build a prosperous village in doing so. Combie three bamboo buds to make a bamboo shoot; three bamboo shoots to make a bamboo...until you've filled the board with houses and castles. Various combinations bring both fun and challenge, pushing your imagination to the extreme.

Along the way, jumping pandas and rabbits will try to block your progress. Try to outwit these invaders, and destroy them with the shovel. You also have the chance to find hidden gold coins!

How large can you grow your cubie village before the board fills and the game ends?

Cubie Village is free to play forever. Moves replenish for free if you wait for a while, and you can also buy more moves with free coins that you earn in-game. In addition, random in-game events emerge from time to time. Seize the right moment to catch the rabbit thefts, and sure, please remember to pick up gold coins on the ground!

★More than 10 types of plants, animals and buildings
★Infinite amazing combinations
★A couple of magical props, adding prosperity to the Cubie Village
★Lovely animation and catchy music
★Compete with your friends in GameCenter
★Five maps, each of which comes with special features

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