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Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool
Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool
MiQ Limited
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Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool
Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool (View in iTunes)
Developer: MiQ Limited
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**** Awarded by Apple for “BEST MUSIC INNOVATION 2013" in over 15 countries*****
Use Jamn if you're objectives are to become a better musician. If you're looking for a better way to learn music theory and expand your songwriting.
Jamn uniquely displays all the key music theory you need to know to write great songs. Designed with a classic vintage-style-interface and some great in-App purchases, Jamn makes learning Guitar, Bass, Piano and Ukulele easier than ever.

• How it works
"MULTI-TOOL" -- JAMN WHEEL starts in KEY of C. Displays key a circular pattern. Starting at the top and going around clockwise. Above top-note, C, there is a BLUE LINE for visual assistance. Indicates MAJOR KEY. Scale pattern goes around clockwise. At 90-degrees to the left on the Jamn wheel, A, there is a RED LINE. Indicates MINOR KEY. Displays minor scale-pattern goes clockwise. Spin Jamn-Wheel and change keys.

The INNER RING - DOTS and CIRCLES represent CHORDS of key. Solid-dots are Major chords, Small circles are minor chords, Circle-dot is dim-chord. TOUCH ANY NOTE or CHORD - displays above on instrument. Press play button hear the sound.

- Open MENUS and discover more - Advanced chords, Advanced scales, Videos and Settings.
- TOUCH the ROUND GREY buttons to change between chords, all-notes and scales.

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• Jamn VIP
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