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Guardian Cross
Guardian Cross
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Guardian Cross
Guardian Cross (View in iTunes)
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New update brings more fun and intuitive gameplay to Guardian Cross!

◆Version 2.6.0 Patch Notes◆

◆Cerulean Deep (Night)
The Cerulean Deep (Night) hunting ground has been added.
* Unlocked at level 20.
* Contains some Guardians that also spawn in Cerluean Deep (Day).

◆New Abilities
The following two new Guardian abilities have been added:

1. Impervious
Resists the following enfeebling effects and abilities: ATK Down, DEF Down, AGI Down, WIS Down, Ethereal Pulse, Sap, Mind Rift, Mana Martyr, Toxic Blast, Nerve Pinch.

2. Speed Reaver
Increases AGI 20% and reduces enemy WIS by 20%.

◆Guardian Count Display
Your current Guardian count and maximum Guardian capacity are now displayed on the hunting ground selection and Guardian management screens.

◆Hunts & Guardian Capacity
Hunts no longer end when you reach your Guardian capacity. New hunts, however, cannot be started.

◆Using Magic Stones
You can now designate a number of magic stones to be used simultaneously via the Guardian enhancement screen.

◆Viewing What's New
You can now open the What's New screen by accessing Social ≫ Information from the main menu.

◆Relaunching the Game
When the game is interrupted or closed (such as by pressing your device's Home button) and then relaunched, it now returns to the last active screen.

◆Improved Trading & Gifting
It is now possible to designate the number of magic stones to be sent via the trade and gift screens.

◆Editing Decks
Changing Guardians in your decks can now be done with a simple touch command.

◆Visible Aura Guardian Effects
Guardians receiving the effect of Aura Guardians now have highlighted borders on the deck editing screen. Aura 1 appears as a red highlight around the top half of a card, and Aura 2 appears as a blue highlight around the bottom half."

◆Hunt Quest Completion
When a quest is completed during a hunt, a notification message will appear on the hunt results screen.

◆Skipping Battles
The Skip feature can now be used in quest dungeons and against enemies being faced for the first time.
* Skip cannot be used in the Coliseum or in Friend battles.

◆Exiting Battle Results
You can now tap anywhere on the screen after a battle ends to close the battle result screen.

The maximum number of messages that can be sent in one day has been increased to 50.


The next generation of card battle games with over 1,000,000 downloads around the world!

Capture and train over 300 different Guardians as you attempt to create the most powerful party possible. Undertake thrilling quests to unlock the secret of why the divine beasts of antiquity have woken after a millennium of slumber, and battle other players from around the world in an online coliseum!

This game can be played completely for free through to the very end, while some premium content is also offered.

- Created by talented staff with a history on the FINAL FANTASY series!

The Guardian Cross development team includes top-notch talent from the FINAL FANTASY series, including Hiroyuki Ito, creator of the acclaimed Active Time Battle (ATB) system.

- Original Concept: Hiroyuki Ito (FINAL FANTASY IV, V, VI, VIII, IX, XII, FFT, and more)
- Composer: Naoshi Mizuta (FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, FINAL FANTASY XI)
- Character Design: Akira Oguro (FINAL FANTASY IV: The After Years, FINAL FANTASY Dimensions)

Guardian Cross also brings you stunning and original card illustrations from a team of amazing artists! Get ready to enjoy the card battle genre as you never have before!
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