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Games Cafe Inc.
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Nearpod (View in iTunes)
Developer: Games Cafe Inc.
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#129 Top Free iPad Apps Education Genre
In-App Purchases
$11.99 to Nearpod Gold Edition
$2.99 NPP "Authors: Main idea of a Text"
$2.99 Put an end to it!
$2.99 NPP "CCP Proportionality & Percentages: Part A"
$2.99 The Distributive Property
$2.99 NPP "CCP Proportionality & Percentages: Part B"
$2.99 NPP "Authors: Drawing Inferences"
$4.99 Bundle: "Heat Transfer"
$2.99 Ck-12: Longitudinal Waves
$2.99 NPP "Authors: The Rock Cycle"
Nearpod: “Best Collaboration Solution - EdTech Digest Awards 2012”

What's Nearpod?
Nearpod enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students' devices. It combines presentation, engagement and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

Before you start
Nearpod is a synchronous solution for the use of iPad and other iOS devices in education.
To try Nearpod, you will need one iPad running the Nearpod Teacher app, and at least one other iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) running the Nearpod Student app.
All devices should be connected to the internet.

How it works
1. Create: Teachers login to to create multimedia presentations with interactive features such as quizzes, videos, polls, sketching tools, and more. They can also access featured presentations from certified publishers and fellow educators.

2. Engage: In the classroom, teachers use the Nearpod Teacher iPad app to share content with their students and manage the flow of the lecture. Students will use the Nearpod Student app on their iOS devices to receive curricular content, participate in activities and submit responses

3. Assess: Teachers can see students’ answers in real time on the Nearpod Teacher app.
To access post-session data, teachers can log in to and obtain detailed activity reports.

To start using Nearpod you need to download the Nearpod Teacher app and create a free account. Then you need to download the Nearpod Student app on each student device and you are ready to experience the magic of Nearpod.

By using the Nearpod Teacher app, educators will be able to:
- Open a Nearpod account
- Access complete, ready-to-use Nearpod presentations from recognized authors and publishers
- Share content with the class
- Have control over student devices
- Assess student participation in real time
- Monitor the level of attention within each class
- Receive results in real time and share them with the class

Create your free account now and start to experience the magic of Nearpod !
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