Zombie Farm 2
Zombie Farm 2
Playforge Games LLC
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Zombie Farm 2
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Developer: Playforge Games LLC
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$0.99 10 Brains
$0.99 10 Brains
$3.99 50 Brains
$7.99 100 Brains
$8.99 100 Brains
$4.99 50 Brains
$3.99 50 Brains
$7.99 100 Brains
$8.99 100 Brains
$4.99 50 Brains
◉‿◉ Tired of killing zombies? Try farming them!

The #1 FREE Farm game just got better! Now with MORE BRAINS!

FARM - grow and harvest your very own zombies
CHOOSE - from a wide variety of crops and zombies. 100% organic!
CREATE & COMBINE– experiment and mutate zombies to create a one of a kind zombie team!
INVADE – fight zombie prejudice by unleashing your home grown zombies on the enemy!
CUSTOMIZE – unleash your inner designer with the large array of decorations to jazz up your farm
PLAY – play tag with your friends on their farms & check out what your friends are doing with their farms

Play now and discover your own one of a kind zombie team! Transfer your original farm to Zombie Farm 2 and get a free gift!

New in Zombie farm 2:
Unlimited Storage & Mausoleum Expansions
Updated Art & Backgrounds
More Brains
Improved game mechanics
Much more with more to come!!

Find out more at zombiefarmgame.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ZombieFarm

Contact us for help at http://support.theplayforge.com

Visit us at theplayforge.com
Twitter: twitter.com/theplayforge
Check out our other games: Tree World and Zombie Life
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