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Qwiki - Qwiki
Qwiki - Qwiki
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Qwiki - Qwiki
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Curious? Explore 3,000,000 topics in a format perfect for the iPad: learn about what's near you, across the world - and everything in between. Labeled "a seed that will blossom into an Internet wonder" by the NY Times, Qwiki combines thousands of sources to present concise, interactive summaries of millions of people, places and things in an experience optimized for the iPad. Explore topics by searching or browse a worldwide map highlighting landmarks, monuments, cities, towns, and more.

Demo & Overview Video:

- Combines relevant images, videos, infographics and narration to describe millions of topics
- Worldwide map highlights popular Qwikis at any zoom level and identifies Qwikis near you
- Related Qwikis suggest other relevant Qwikis for continued learning
- Interactive mode allows you to control the speed at which information is presented
- Lightweight Qwiki format ideal for use via cell connections

- "Qwiki is innovative, completely interactive and reshaping how users obtain information online" - Parade Magazine
- "...It might just give [a major search engine] a run for its money" - ABC News
- "The service basically feels like it's from the future" - VentureBeat
- "Picture a science fiction movie: a new way for people to take in information off the Internet" - The Washington Post
- "Compelling ability to generate media on the fly: it presents media in a highly visual way" -TechCrunch
- "The graphics, sounds, and videos are much more technologically advanced than what you’ve ever encountered. Does in fact feel like you’re part of the future." - Oolah Magazine

- "Only thing that could make @qwiki better would be beaming data to my brain directly. Would be worth the minor hemorrhage" (@angelgonzalez)
- “Everything on the internet seems inferior now, because I am comparing it to Qwiki.” (@JensAiden)
- “Have you seen yet??? OMG I feel like I’m in the Jetsons. This is so revolutionary!!” (@SpaHeiress)
- “Wow! I got access to Qwiki and I am very impressed. Beautiful. Smart. How the semantic web should look and feel.” (@novaspivack)
- “Just used Qwiki to let friends WATCH, not read, why Munich is the best hometown ever...and the Qwiki didn’t disappoint :) New obsession!!!” (@shornstein)
- "Sometimes I see something that elicits a 'this is why the internet was invented.' Qwiki is one of those things." (@JimDuncan)
- "Qwiki is the reason I became a computer scientist." (@WolfInSpace)
- "Qwiki The service is brilliant! For the first time, I felt like I truly experienced information." (@merubin)
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