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Developer: Emoji Apps, LLC
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
S$1.28 Solve This Level and Receive 50 Bonus Coins
S$1.28 Unlock All Emoji Pictures, Features, Fonts, and Remove Ads
S$1.28 400 Coins & No Ads
S$2.58 900 Coins & No Ads
S$5.98 2500 Coins & No Ads
S$1.28 Unlock All Locked Fonts
S$5.98 Unlock all Premium Emoji Art
S$128.98 70000 Coins & No Ads
S$12.98 5500 Coins & No Ads
S$64.98 32500 Coins & No Ads
Use 460+ EMOJI Icons directly from your keyboard!

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