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Turnacle - Thomas Visser
Turnacle - Thomas Visser
Thomas Visser
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Turnacle - Thomas Visser
Turnacle - Thomas Visser (View in iTunes)
Developer: Thomas Visser
Game Center: No
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$1.99 Premium
How many puzzles should a great game have? Only unlimited! Turnacle offers an unlimited amount of puzzles in three levels of difficulty that will keep your brain busy. You may struggle at first, but in no time, you'll be solving puzzle after puzzle, beating your friends on the Game Center leaderboards.

In Turnacle, the goal is to solve a sequence of grids as fast as possible. Every grid consists of up to 18 colored discs and up to six colors. Rotate the discs so the colors align with the neighboring discs. Once the grid is fully aligned, the next one is unlocked.

- Unlimited puzzles from a handcrafted puzzle generator
- Resume a game from the iCloud: lose your phone and still be able to finish your game
- An interactive tutorial explaining the original game mechanics
- A subtle hint system that you won't notice until you need it

This is the kind of game that some people will turn out to be extraordinarily good at! Perhaps you're one of them...
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