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Ant Smasher Christmas - a Free Game by the Best, Cool & Fun Games
Ant Smasher Christmas - a Free Game by the Best, Cool & Fun Games (View in iTunes)
Developer: Gustavo Schvartsman
Game Center: Yes
Average Rating:
In-App Purchases
$19.99 Top Deluxe Pack
$9.99 Baby Mode - Free of Game Over
$9.99 Kids Mode Best
$9.99 Fun Game Mode
$1.99 5 Maximum Cool Lives
$0.99 4 Maximum Lives
$9.99 Funny Game Over Protection
$0.99 5 Maximum Lives

The best free game out there!

Smash ants with your finger in this great game!

Ant Smasher is more social now - you can smash your friends' pictures!!!

Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls. Special virtual goods that make the game easier for young players can be acquired!


+ Several Ants to Smash
+ One of the best FREE Games ever!
+ Dangerous Bee - Don't Touch the Bee!
+ Global high-score rankings
+ Different Game Modes
+ Best Game for all ages!
+ A funny app to pass the time.

All... for FREE!

We will keep bringing you the top best games and apps!

Simply touch the ants and relax! Simple, exciting, a must-play arcade game.

Be the best crusher out there!

Download Ant Smasher while it's FREE!