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What is Cibando.

Sick of the usual boring guides? Cibando is the best restaurant finder out there! With an interface that fits all your needs, in few seconds you’ll have all the pieces of information, the photos and the multimedia contents that you need to have the best choice.

As easy as drawing a circle.

Have your researches in a smart and easy way: no more need of addresses; with Cibando, you just need to draw a circle around a selected area or around your position, to immediately see which restaurants are in the nearby. Not enough? Well, you’ll find photo galleries, description of the dishes and all the needed information about a place and how to reach it.

Why Cibando?

Cibando is the best way to find out a restaurant exactly where you need. The reliability of the maps, merged with the experience of our experts, will show you the best places where to spend yout time, both for a working lunch and a dinner with friends.

Our offer.

+ Find: restaurants, pizzas, pubs, bars and many more
+ Use the GPS function to see what’s next to you
+ Use the filters to better forcus on what you really need: you can choose by kind of dishes, price and place
+ Look for similars and discover new places through alternatives
+ Need other info? Just land on restaurant’s web site directly from the app

Ok, I did my choice, what’s next?

+ Call the place directly from the app
+ Browse the menu of the chosen restaurant in advance
+ Create your “favourites” list

What makes Cibando... Cibando.

+ Fantastic user interface
+ Great photos that will make you love the dishes even before you taste them
+ It’s so intuitive and easy to navigate

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