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Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities
Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities
Artgig Studio
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Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities
Alien Buddies – Preschool Learning Activities (View in iTunes)
Developer: Artgig Studio
Game Center: No
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✭ Just Added - New Puzzles! New Dots! New Stickers! More Buddies! ✭

✭ Acclaimed Early Learning App For Kids Ages 3-7 ✭

✭✭✭ 2012 Parents' Choice Award Winner!

✭✭✭ Alien Buddies is currently one of THE hottest apps for young kids in the app store - Editor's Choice, Best Apps For Kids

✭✭✭ My students and I were very impressed with this app and they requested it all week!! - Speech Language Neighborhood

✭✭✭ There are many flexible options and levels built into Alien Buddies that make it a great app choice for a wide range of abilities - Apps For Homeschooling

✭✭✭ I bet your kids will have fun playing and have no idea they are learning - The iMum

The Alien Buddies iPhone/iPad app is designed with a variety of games and play modes to suit a range of ages from Preschool to Kindergarten. The games include:

Matching: color, shape, letter and number recognition (audio and visual modes)

Puzzle: problem solving, shape recognition

Dot to Dot: sequential counting, fine motor skills

Stickers: creative free play, fine motor skills (over 40 stickers and 8 landscapes)

In the visual and audio Matching games, the cast of cute and quirky characters will lead your child on an engaging journey to reinforce fundamental skills: recognizing colors, shapes, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

The Puzzle game can be played with 4, 6, or 8 pieces providing levelled shape recognition and manipulation while developing reasoning and problem solving skills for younger and older kids.

The Dot to Dot game reinforces sequential counting with audio feedback and helps develop fine motor skills as your child completes each picture.

The Stickers activity builds learning confidence as kids are rewarded with stickers to create their own alien worlds.

The game designers at Artgig Apps come from a background of educational software development and we put lots of TLC into every detail of each app we create to ensure a fun and engaging learning experience. We include kids, parents and teachers in our app development and testing to make sure our apps are exceptional tools that kids want to use again and again.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback.

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Thanks for trying Alien Buddies!


We at Artgig Apps are parents ourselves, and we hold your privacy and the privacy of your child in the highest regard.

Alien Buddies:

- Does not share your personal information with us or anyone else.

- Does not include ads, or in-app purchases, and there are no links to social network sites (like Facebook or Twitter).

- Includes feedback links on a separate Parents page in the app and links to the Artgig Apps website.

- Uses analytics to collect anonymized user data for general information about how people use our apps.


Artgig is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
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