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GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training
GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training
GAIN Fitness
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GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training
GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer - digital personal training (View in iTunes)
Developer: GAIN Fitness
Game Center: No
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In-App Purchases
$29.99 Strength Trainer 18 Pack Bundle
$5.99 Basketball Pro Trainer
$5.99 The Road Warrior Trainer
$2.99 Kettlebells
$16.99 Butterfly Yoga + 4 Pack Bundle
$6.99 Butterfly Yoga Trainer
$2.99 Advanced Core
$2.99 Advanced Abs
$2.99 Exercise Bands
$2.99 Extreme Biceps
GAIN Fitness is the digital personal trainer. Download this app if you want to get more out of your workouts in less time.

Compatible with home, gym or even hotel room workouts, GAIN works like this: select your primary fitness goal (Fat Loss, Muscle, Health), choose your available time and equipment, and GAIN goes to work. Some say it’s magic. But really it’s our exercise-science based algorithms, built from the expertise of pro trainers.

Workout time? Let GAIN drive. Our best-in-class guided workout experience coaches you through workouts with intelligent timers and voice cues, while allowing you to track your efforts with a couple simple clicks. Users report that what used to take an hour may now only take 30 minutes.

Key Features:

+ UNLIMITED, FREE WORKOUTS — every app contains a completely FREE pack, "Training Foundation," which includes 300+ exercises (strength, flexibility, calisthenic and dynamic mobility) and all the programming logic to build MILLIONS of workouts uniquely tailored to your goals and lifestyle. This pack relies on classic strength training and prioritizes efficient, compound, "big" exercise movements to get you fit fast.

This smart, sweat-tracking calendar keeps you focused and accountable. Simply select your workout days, and our app will alert you when it’s time to work out. Even better? GAIN Plan helps you stay on track even when life throws you A curveball: our “Quick Plan B” workouts give you a 10-min anytime, anywhere workout to keep your Streak alive!

Unclear how to perform an exercise? Simply watch our athletes in action.

Perhaps the coolest part of our new release? We taught GAIN how to talk. You can optionally hear exercise names to guide you through your workout—all in the voice of a real person (not some robotic nonsense).

These advanced exercises and training techniques will take your training to the next level. Expand the capabilities of our main Workout Builder to zone-in on your abs, tone your backside or add the latest functional training weapons (Kettlebells, anyone?). Our top training experts continue to innovate in the GAIN Laboratory to give you the workout that’s right for you.

As always, GAIN Fitness is free to download and build unlimited custom workouts. So what’s holding you back? No more excuses, it’s time to GAIN Fitness.
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