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iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks
iHome+Sleep, the alarm clock app from the experts on alarm clocks (View in iTunes)
Developer: SDI Technologies
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iHome+Sleep is the award-winning*, feature-rich alarm clock for iOS devices from iHome. iHome+Sleep requires iOS 4.3 or later on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. For extensive information about iHome apps and app-enhanced products, visit us at

iHome+Sleep is the most feature rich alarm clock app for iOS. Including many ways to enhance your sleep lifestyle, including:

• Fully customizable alarm manager
• Nap alarms
• Gentle wake
• Wake and Sleep volume control
• Wake and Sleep to iPod library
• Wake and Sleep to Internet Radio (requires $1.99 iHome+Radio app)
• Wake and Sleep to Zen Sounds (requires .99¢ iHome Zen app. **PLEASE NOTE: This feature requires an iCloud account! You must be logged in to iCloud to get Zen sounds in iHome Sleep!**)
• Full screen clock display with custom photo backgrounds
• Sleep statistics and editable sleep log
• Wake and Sleep reminders
• Integration with iHome Set for quick configuration of iHome app-enhanced devices

Please note:

On iOS 5 and later, you must slide Bedtime before going to sleep in order to hear your desired wakeup tone/music/station. If you don't slide Bedtime, and then you lock your iOS device screen, the alarm will behave as a background alarm, read on for warnings about background alarm behavior.

On iOS 4.1 and later, iHome+Sleep supports backgrounded alerts for the programmed app alarms. This feature is NOT recommended for use when docked to any speaker dock, including some of iHome's app-enhanced speaker docks. Background alerts from apps like iHome+Sleep will not sound from the iPhone/iPod internal speaker while docked to an audio accessory, and therefore may go un-detected by users if the audio accessory is powered off, or muted, or in a different mode (such as FM radio). iHome recommends only relying on background alarms when your device is undocked, or connected to a non-audio-capable charger accessory.

Some new iHome speakers are also "app-friendly," and will automatically power on when audio is detected from the iOS device. If your iHome is app-friendly, you will avoid the above issues.

* Award-winning:

iHome+Sleep and related app-enhanced products have won numerous awards, including:
• 2010 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (iA5)
• 2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (iA100)
• 2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (iA63)
• iLounge's CES 2010 Best of Show (iHome+Sleep, iA100)
• iLounge's CES 2010 Best of Show Finalist (iA5)
• Chicago Tribune: Gadget Roundup's Gadget of the Year 2010 (iA100)
• iLounge's 2010 Clock Radio of the Year (iA100)
• iLounge's 2010 iPad/iPhone/iPod Accessory of the Year (iA100)

The Innovations Design and Engineering Award is based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CEA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.