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# App MAU Rank DAU Rank
1 Fish Epic 1,072 824
2 Bubble Legend 1,130 1,907
3 Fruit Jamba 1,486 1,596
4 Wonderland Epic 1,514 1,266
5 Daily Horoscope 1,520 1,387
6 Bubble Epic 1,591 1,220
7 Jewel Epic 1,838 1,202
8 6waves Games 1,979 1,581
9 Candy Planet 2,037 1,571
10 Farm Up Social 2,585 1,932
11 Bubble Bikini 3,445 3,332
12 Hidden Memory: Rooms of Memory 3,962 2,405
13 Once Upon A Night 3,977 3,929
14 Fantasy Garden 3,876 2,201
15 Cosmic Garden 5,851 6,754
16 Ravenwood Fair 6,224 10,406
17 Dueling Blades 6,688 8,272
18 iHearts 7,228 12,653
19 Bubble Epic: Mermaid Adventure 7,400 6,701
20 Mystery Epic 8,277 7,600
21 Ravenskye City 8,850 13,604
22 French Kiss - God of Seduction 9,433 10,030
23 辦公室Online N/A N/A
24 Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend 13,597 16,657
25 Strikefleet Omega N/A N/A
26 What is your Vampire Name? N/A N/A
27 how good are you in bed? N/A N/A
28 Run or Die N/A N/A
29 Scene, Goth, Emo, Nerd, "Total Hottie". Which are you? N/A N/A
30 Click Challenge N/A N/A
31 What kind of guy would fall for you? (girls only) N/A N/A
32 How many guys actully like you? N/A N/A
33 Are you Pretty?, Hot?, Or ugly? N/A N/A
34 Dichtester Mensch N/A N/A
36 What movie kiss are you? N/A N/A
37 nombre del amor de tu vida N/A N/A
38 Straight from the heart... N/A N/A
39 Sexy Lingerie N/A N/A
40 illusions. N/A N/A
41 que significa tu nombre N/A N/A
42 Who is your celeb twin? N/A N/A
43 Gift Creator N/A N/A
44 Today's Lovers N/A N/A
45 Heroes N/A N/A
46 Moment of Sweetness N/A N/A
47 Küldj Sexpózt! N/A N/A
48 Deer Hunter Online N/A N/A
49 How easy is it to hurt you? N/A N/A
51 Welcome Tab for Page 55,227 74,149
53 My Banner N/A N/A
54 Falschparken N/A N/A
55 Donde es tu punto debil? N/A N/A
56 El Test de Homero Simpson N/A N/A
58 Let's Play MASH!!! N/A N/A
59 מי צופה לך הכי הרבה בפרופיל 35,719 49,270
60 Enemy of the day N/A N/A
61 What color is your personality? N/A N/A
62 My Past Life N/A N/A
63 Trick question quiz! N/A N/A
64 Adopt a Rainforest N/A N/A
65 Quiero decirte que... N/A N/A
66 Threewords N/A N/A
67 Seni kimler takip ediyor (takip) N/A N/A
68 Wer ist deine nächste Beziehung? N/A N/A
69 公主的防線 N/A N/A
70 Name that Car N/A N/A
71 Photo Hunters N/A N/A
72 What Kind of Guy Falls For You? N/A N/A
73 Who are these people? N/A N/A
74 Animal Hunter N/A N/A
75 Battle Sudoku Against Friends N/A N/A
76 The bitch test N/A N/A
77 Christmas Greetings N/A N/A
78 Test your eyes... N/A N/A
79 Chain Reaction 30,788 30,490
80 How stupid are you? N/A N/A
81 How well do you know Sponge Bob???? N/A N/A
82 que tan hijo de puta eres N/A N/A
83 Bananen-Affe N/A N/A
84 Quelle star coucherais avec toi? (pour mecs) N/A N/A
85 Per te... Con tutto il mio affetto... N/A N/A
86 What Celebrity Do You Look Like? N/A N/A
87 zoo world rares N/A N/A
88 Super Gifts N/A N/A
89 How will you die N/A N/A
90 Beautiful Words For Beautiful People N/A N/A
91 nombre del amor de tu vida con apellido (ultra exacto) N/A N/A
92 CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N/A N/A
93 Angels and Fairies N/A N/A
94 Who is your celebrity twin? N/A N/A
95 Optical Illusions N/A N/A
96 Wirklich Bester Freund? N/A N/A
98 Lucky Daily 37,278 17,720
99 Type Busters N/A N/A
100 Do You Knw TxT Talk??? N/A N/A
101 El test + extraño y dificil ! ! ! N/A N/A
102 Christmas Cards! N/A N/A
103 Favorite Quotes N/A N/A
104 the whole name of the person who loves you!!!(100% real) N/A N/A
105 Who is your dream girl? (boys only) N/A N/A
106 ¿Quién de tus contactos sería tu chico ideal? N/A N/A
107 عايز تعرف مين مشتاق لك من اصدقائك N/A N/A
108 estas enamorado(a)? N/A N/A
109 What Color Should You Get in Your Hair? N/A N/A
110 Connais-tu assez ton chéri ? N/A N/A
111 Frogs N/A N/A
112 Finish the Taylor Swift Lyrics:) N/A N/A
113 What is your mental age?? N/A N/A
114 If you're single, take this quiz. N/A N/A
115 what celeb do u look like N/A N/A
116 Eres bueno(a) en el sexo o malisimo (a)? N/A N/A
117 Name The Song N/A N/A
118 Are you leet or noob? N/A N/A
119 One Word That Decribes You!!! N/A N/A
120 Can You Guess The Singer From When They were a Child? N/A N/A
121 Words About Me 148,304 112,301
122 ¿que siente esa persona con tus besos? N/A N/A
123 How Much Common Sense Do You Have? N/A N/A
124 Are you and him meant to be? N/A N/A
125 Comment s'appelle ton grand amour ? N/A N/A
126 When will you lose virginity? N/A N/A
127 ธิดา พยากรณ์ N/A N/A
128 What colour suits you best? N/A N/A
129 歡樂癲地 Funland N/A N/A
130 Regala flores a la persona que quieres N/A N/A
131 What type of sex is best for you? N/A N/A
132 who is ur celeb twin? N/A N/A
133 Kingdom of Heroes - iOS N/A N/A
134 Cute Baby Animals N/A N/A
135 What hairstyle fits you? N/A N/A
136 Toilet Paper Roll N/A N/A
137 Des fleurs pour vous N/A N/A
138 The quiz that sends you mad!!!!! N/A N/A
139 Diva Life N/A N/A
140 êtes-vous un bon coup au lit ? N/A N/A
141 Garden Life N/A N/A
142 which celebrity do you look mostly like? N/A N/A
143 How well do you Eastenders? N/A N/A
144 Happy Valentine's Day by Kari N/A N/A
145 Er du attraktiv? N/A N/A
146 que tanto conoces alos hombres? (solo mujeres) N/A N/A
147 Lisez dans mes Boules N/A N/A
148 Valentine's Day Cards! N/A N/A
149 Hearts & Flowers for Friends by Kari N/A N/A
150 Are you happy? N/A N/A
151 Who is your celebrity twin ? N/A N/A
152 臥龍吟 無雙傳 N/A N/A
153 What celebrity do you look MOSt like?? N/A N/A
154 What should be your name? (girls only) N/A N/A
155 Name that Lady GaGa song! N/A N/A
156 what will your husband look like? (girlz only) N/A N/A
157 Daily Tarot Cards 22,917 19,155
158 Optical Illusion Challenge N/A N/A
159 Send Tattoos N/A N/A
160 Top 5 Stalkers N/A N/A
161 What do your eyes do to people N/A N/A
162 Who's missing you right now ? N/A N/A
163 What your birthmonth means???? N/A N/A
164 what piercing should you get??? N/A N/A
165 Who hates you? N/A N/A
166 How perverted are you? N/A N/A
167 Que Tan Caliente Eres? N/A N/A
168 quien es tu alma gemela del fazebook!? N/A N/A
169 How Good Are You At Illusions? N/A N/A
170 What is the name of your TRUE best Friend? N/A N/A
171 What is your theme song? N/A N/A
172 The insanely hard quiz N/A N/A
173 Your personality in one word N/A N/A
174 Haz este test y meate de risa.. N/A N/A
175 Moment tendresse N/A N/A
176 What Type Of Girl Are You And What Type Of Boy do You Attract N/A N/A
177 Quel est ton 6e sens? N/A N/A
178 Oh!Monster N/A N/A
179 What Spirit is taking care of you N/A N/A
180 que famosa es tu clon!!! N/A N/A
181 Toilet Paper Roll 30,325 39,825
182 Who were you in a past life? N/A N/A
183 What do boys first notice in you? N/A N/A
184 Pass a Balloon N/A N/A
186 SOLO-MIG33 N/A N/A
187 How well do you know Spongebob Squarepants?? N/A N/A
188 Name The Simpsons Character N/A N/A
189 optical illustions N/A N/A
190 Forbidden Questions N/A N/A
191 至潮揮春迎兔年 N/A N/A
192 what will you look like when your older ? N/A N/A
193 Estacionamiento Ilegal N/A N/A
194 周星馳經典片段 N/A N/A
195 ¿Cuál es tu frase? N/A N/A
196 Regalos Para Enviar N/A N/A
197 每日星座 N/A N/A
198 roses for you N/A N/A
199 What kind of beautiful are you? N/A N/A
200 Messages from the Heart N/A N/A
201 Your life quote N/A N/A
202 Un mensaje especial para ti N/A N/A
203 POSITIVE THOUGHTS 36,766 44,789
204 Champions Online N/A N/A
205 A que no haces más de 70? N/A N/A
206 que tipo de beso te conviene? N/A N/A
207 el click mas rapido N/A N/A
208 What cute quote fits you best?? <3 N/A N/A
209 what song represents your life :) N/A N/A
210 Best friend of the day <3 N/A N/A
211 Who's your celebrity boyfriend ? N/A N/A
212 Opfer des Tages N/A N/A
213 estrellas para ti :) N/A N/A
214 Happy Birthday! - Cards & Gifts N/A N/A
215 Gift World 32,692 43,942
216 Friends Quizzes N/A N/A
217 How dirty are you ? N/A N/A
218 Quel niveaux as-tu dans le sexe ? N/A N/A
219 Happy New Year 2010 by Kari N/A N/A
220 ¿Que clase de novio deberias tener? N/A N/A
221 click N/A N/A
222 que tan mal pensado sos N/A N/A
223 6waves Poker 22,037 27,430
224 Guardian Angels N/A N/A
225 the button N/A N/A
226 Ti offro un caffè. N/A N/A
227 ???? ??? 10 ????? ???? ?????? ????? ???? ???? N/A N/A
228 Stars without make-up! N/A N/A
229 The Word of God N/A N/A
230 How did you die in a past life? N/A N/A
231 auto clicker N/A N/A
232 How dirty is your mind really??? N/A N/A
233 7 minutes in heaven [ Gurlz Only ] N/A N/A
234 Diva Life Gifts N/A N/A
235 BlingTown N/A N/A
236 Alien Friends N/A N/A
237 Que tan rudo eres? N/A N/A
238 Head Society N/A N/A
239 Cadeau expressif N/A N/A
240 Who are you in your school? N/A N/A
241 Blue Obsession N/A N/A
242 Arşivlik Paylaşımlar N/A N/A
243 Are you smarter then a 4 year old????? N/A N/A
244 what is your PERFECT hairstyle N/A N/A
245 appuie le plus vite que tu peut N/A N/A
246 How old do you act? N/A N/A
247 Be My Valentine N/A N/A
248 el nombre completo de tu verdadero amor N/A N/A
249 What Football Player Are You? N/A N/A
250 What random pic are you? N/A N/A
251 What is first letter of the person you will marry? N/A N/A
252 ¿Qué tipo de muyer te atrae? N/A N/A
253 What color is your heart? N/A N/A
254 كرسى الاعتراف N/A N/A
255 Timida, atrevida, sexy o peligrosa N/A N/A
256 Can u finish these lyrics??? N/A N/A
257 Ölelés N/A N/A
258 Drücke dich ganz lieb N/A N/A
259 nombre de la persona que amas. es sorprendente!!! N/A N/A
260 Je devine ton prénom en cinq questions ! N/A N/A
261 Do you know who this is? (its hard) :) N/A N/A
262 Wer oft Blick auf meine Fotos? N/A N/A
263 THE WTF GAME 51,880 60,727
264 pegale a justin barbie N/A N/A
265 Create My App N/A N/A
266 What age will you have your 1st baby ??? N/A N/A
267 First letter of the person who likes you N/A N/A
268 ¿Eres Atractivo? N/A N/A
269 When Will You Die N/A N/A
270 Dienos simpatija N/A N/A
271 Profiline Bakanları Gör (Uygulama) N/A N/A
272 What 2009 song are you? N/A N/A
273 Me to You N/A N/A
274 愛心祝福 N/A N/A
275 Quiz Creator N/A N/A
276 I can guess your name. N/A N/A
277 送你一朵花 N/A N/A
278 whats the name of your true love N/A N/A
279 what tattoo best fits you? N/A N/A
280 are you smarter than an 8th grader? N/A N/A
281 Which famous person do you most relate to? N/A N/A
282 Whats You're Sex Toy And Noise N/A N/A
283 Dice Soccer N/A N/A
284 Critter Island N/A N/A
285 How Deep Can Your Eyes See N/A N/A
286 Quanti schiaffi dai ad uno stronzo? N/A N/A
287 Note la beauté de tes amis N/A N/A
288 Twoja simpatija je... N/A N/A
289 Sai fare sesso?? N/A N/A
290 Evo ti nešto slatko N/A N/A
291 Save Banana N/A N/A
292 Regalos Gratis N/A N/A
293 do u know txt language??? N/A N/A
294 What will your boyfriends name be? N/A N/A
295 Common Sense N/A N/A
296 cual de los 7 pecados capitales eres??? N/A N/A
297 Kamasutra N/A N/A
298 Posts I Like N/A N/A
300 Friendship Hearts N/A N/A
301 messaggi carini N/A N/A
302 My Next Life N/A N/A
303 Dante's Inferno N/A N/A
304 Which is your celeb look alike? N/A N/A
306 Keroro軍曹 N/A N/A
307 How many songs can you finish??? N/A N/A
308 Mafia Farm! - iOS N/A N/A
309 What kind of impression do you leave on people? N/A N/A
310 WHO crushing on you? N/A N/A
311 Farm Epic N/A N/A
312 quien eres de los simpson N/A N/A
313 If you're single, take this quiz! N/A N/A
314 Treasure Epic N/A N/A
315 What is your vampire power? N/A N/A
316 What Disney Girl are you? N/A N/A
317 Are You a Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, demon, or Human N/A N/A
318 Emoji Status N/A N/A
319 whats ur lucky colour N/A N/A
320 Qué personaje de Big Bang Theory eres? N/A N/A
321 What is the name of the person you will marry??? N/A N/A
322 Zoo Defenders N/A N/A
323 終極無間道 N/A N/A
325 Çekici Misiniz? N/A N/A
326 Yakuza Lords N/A N/A
327 Name the brands N/A N/A
328 Friend Secrets N/A N/A
329 que canion expresa tu historia de amor N/A N/A
330 How Hot will you be by the age of 20? N/A N/A
331 I wanna do this;) N/A N/A
332 El quiz mas raro que hiciste en tu vida N/A N/A
333 他來自外星 N/A N/A
334 Offrez des fleurs à celles et ceux que vous aimez N/A N/A
335 What car were you born to drive. N/A N/A
336 what's your level of english grammar (VERY hard) N/A N/A
337 Band of Heroes N/A N/A
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