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An analysis for this developer’s revenues.

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Below is a list of apps for this developer.
Applications - Year To Date - Global Revenue (FAQ)
# App Free To Play
1 Bakery Story: 4th of July Yes
2 Bakery Story: Christmas Yes
3 Bakery Story: Christmas Yes
4 Bakery Story: Fall Treats Yes
5 Bakery Story: Farmer’s Market Yes
6 Bakery Story: Halloween Yes
7 Bakery Story: Mother’s Day Yes
8 Bakery Story: Mother’s Day Yes
9 Bakery Story: Soccer World Yes
10 Bakery Story: Springtime Yes
11 Bakery Story: St Patrick's Day Yes
12 Bakery Story: St Patrick’s Day Yes
13 Bakery Story: Summer Picnic Yes
14 Bakery Story: Thanksgiving Yes
15 Bakery Story: Thanksgiving Yes
16 Bakery Story: Valentine’s Day Yes
17 Bakery Story™ Yes
18 Bubble Mania™ Yes
19 Candy Blast Mania Yes
20 Candy Blast Mania: Summer Yes
21 Candy Blast Mania: World Games Yes
22 City Story™ Yes
23 Cupcake Mania™ Yes
24 Dragon Story: Black Diamond Yes
25 Dragon Story: Christmas Yes
26 Dragon Story: Easter Yes
27 Dragon Story: Fairy Tales Yes
28 Dragon Story: Halloween Yes
29 Dragon Story: New Dawn Yes
30 Dragon Story: Spring Yes
31 Dragon Story: Springtime Yes
32 Dragon Story: Thanksgiving Yes
33 Dragon Story: Tropics Yes
34 Dragon Story: Valentine's Day Yes
35 Dragon Story™ Yes
36 Empire Story™ Yes
37 Farm Story 2 Yes
38 Farm Story: Fall Harvest Yes
39 Farm Story: Father's Day Yes
40 Farm Story: Halloween Yes
41 Farm Story: Mother's Day Yes
42 Farm Story: St. Patrick's Day Yes
43 Farm Story: Thanksgiving Yes
44 Farm Story™ Yes
45 Fashion Story: Back to School Yes
46 Fashion Story: Carnival Yes
47 Fashion Story: Christmas Yes
48 Fashion Story: Country Girl Yes
49 Fashion Story: Earth Day Yes
50 Fashion Story: Fall Catalog Yes
51 Fashion Story: Halloween Yes
52 Fashion Story: Mother's Day Yes
53 Fashion Story: Pool Party Yes
54 Fashion Story: Springtime Yes
55 Fashion Story: Valentine's Day Yes
56 Fashion Story: Winter Catalog Yes
57 Fashion Story™ Yes
58 Fruit Splash Mania Yes
59 Jewel Mania™ Yes
60 Monster Story by TeamLava™ Yes
61 Nightclub Story™ Yes
62 Pet Shop Story: Carnival Yes
63 Pet Shop Story: Christmas Yes
64 Pet Shop Story: Easter Yes
65 Pet Shop Story: Father's Day Yes
66 Pet Shop Story: Halloween Yes
67 Pet Shop Story: Hawaii Yes
68 Pet Shop Story: Labor Day Yes
69 Pet Shop Story: Soccer World Yes
70 Pet Shop Story: Springtime Yes
71 Pet Shop Story: Summer Yes
72 Pet Shop Story: Teacher's Day Yes
73 Pet Shop Story: Thanksgiving Yes
74 Pet Shop Story: Winter Yes
75 Pet Shop Story™ Yes
76 Restaurant Story: Carnivals Yes
77 Restaurant Story: Christmas Yes
78 Restaurant Story: Halloween Yes
79 Restaurant Story: Memorial Day Yes
80 Restaurant Story: Newlyweds Yes
81 Restaurant Story: School Time Yes
82 Restaurant Story: Ski Lodge Yes
83 Restaurant Story: Soccer World Yes
84 Restaurant Story: Springtime Yes
85 Restaurant Story: Summer Fun Yes
86 Restaurant Story: Thanksgiving Yes
87 Restaurant Story: Thanksgiving - Aplicacions d'Android a Google Play Yes
88 Restaurant Story: Valentine's Yes
89 Restaurant Story: Valentine’s Yes
90 Restaurant Story:Cinco de Mayo Yes
91 Restaurant Story™ Yes
92 Zoo Story Yes
93 Zoo Story 2™ Yes
An analysis for this developer’s revenues.