An analysis for this developer’s revenues.

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Below is a list of apps for this developer.
Applications - Year To Date - Global Revenue (FAQ)
# App Free To Play
1 Drippler - Top Android Updates Yes
2 eye - Eye Tracking Prank App Yes
3 Nintendo Wii Updates Yes
4 Top Eee Pad Transformer App Yes
5 Ultimate Archos 101 App Yes
6 Ultimate Archos 70 App Yes
7 Ultimate Asus Eee Pad App Yes
8 Ultimate Dell Streak App Yes
9 Ultimate Droid Bionic App Yes
10 Ultimate DROID Incredible App Yes
11 Ultimate Droid Pro App Yes
12 Ultimate Droid RAZR App Yes
13 Ultimate Epic 4G Touch App Yes
14 Ultimate Galaxy Ace App Yes
15 Ultimate Galaxy Fit App Yes
16 Ultimate Galaxy Nexus App Yes
17 Ultimate Galaxy Note LTE App Yes
18 Ultimate Galaxy Player 5 App Yes
19 Ultimate Galaxy S 4G App Yes
20 Ultimate Google Nexus One App Yes
21 Ultimate Google Nexus S 4G App Yes
22 Ultimate Google Nexus S App Yes
23 Ultimate HTC Amaze 4G App Yes
24 Ultimate HTC Desire App Yes
25 Ultimate HTC Desire HD App Yes
26 Ultimate HTC Desire S App Yes
27 Ultimate HTC Desire Z App Yes
28 Ultimate HTC Evo 4G App Yes
29 Ultimate HTC Evo Shift 4G App Yes
30 Ultimate HTC Flyer App Yes
31 Ultimate HTC Inspire 4G App Yes
32 Ultimate HTC Inspire App Yes
33 Ultimate HTC One S App Yes
34 Ultimate HTC Rezound App Yes
35 Ultimate HTC Sensation 4G App Yes
36 Ultimate HTC T-Mobile G2 News Yes
37 Ultimate HTC Thunderbolt App Yes
38 Ultimate HTC Wildfire App Yes
39 Ultimate HTC Wildfire S App Yes
40 Ultimate Incredible 2 App Yes
41 Ultimate Incredible S App Yes
42 Ultimate Kindle Fire App Yes
43 Ultimate LG Optimus 2X App Yes
44 Ultimate LG Optimus 3D App Yes
45 Ultimate LG Optimus Black App Yes
46 Ultimate LG Optimus One App Yes
47 Ultimate LG Optimus Pad App Yes
48 Ultimate Motorola Atrix 2 App Yes
49 Ultimate Motorola Atrix 4G App Yes
50 Ultimate Motorola Defy App Yes
51 Ultimate Motorola Droid 2 App Yes
52 Ultimate Motorola Droid App Yes
53 Ultimate Motorola Droid X App Yes
54 Ultimate Motorola Droid X2 App Yes
55 Ultimate Motorola Xoom App Yes
56 Ultimate myTouch 3G Slide App Yes
57 Ultimate myTouch 4G App Yes
58 Ultimate myTouch 4G Slide App Yes
59 Ultimate Nook Color App Yes
60 Ultimate Photon 4G App Yes
61 Ultimate Samsung Epic 4G App Yes
62 Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S App Yes
63 Ultimate Samsung Infuse 4G App Yes
64 Ultimate Sony Tablet P App Yes
65 Ultimate Sony Tablet S App Yes
66 Ultimate Transformer Prime App Yes
67 Ultimate Xperia arc App Yes
68 Ultimate Xperia Play 4G App Yes
69 Ultimate Xperia Play App Yes
70 Ultimate Xperia Pro News Yes
71 Ultimate Xperia Ray App Yes
72 Ultimate Xperia X8 App Yes
An analysis for this developer’s revenues.