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Tick-tack-toe (View in Google Play)
Developer: lokomotive
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Tick-tack-toe – is a game from our childhood, which made each and every of us spent a great deal of leisure time while playing it. The simplest version of this game involves using a game board lined with squares 3x3.
Tick-tack-toe with an unusual design on your Android! Be attentive, become a champion. Game board design will not leave you indifferent!
Player with crosses opens the game. He puts it in any free square. Then the participant who’s playing noughts puts his figure on any of the free fields. Next noughts and crosses turn by turn fill all the free squares. Game is over if the crosses or noughts fill up vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. Player whose figures fill the line is considered a winner.

- Nice and user-friendly design;
- Two users can simultaneously play on a single device;
- Playing with AI;
- Statistics of your game;
- Three difficulty levels.

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