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Minesweeper (View in Google Play)
Developer: lokomotive
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Develop your logical thinking with minesweeper.
Well-known classic game minesweeper now features a new design.
Your goal is to open all the squares that do not contain mines on the game field. Mine locations can be determined by analyzing neighboring squares, which are marked with numbers. Every one of those numbers indicates the exact quantity of mines contained in the eight squares surrounding it. Several neighboring squares with numbers indicate the same mines, allowing you to identify dangerous squares with high precision. For convenience purposes, squares may be marked with flags. Player wins when all of the squares that do not contain mines have been opened. When you open some square with a mine - game is over.
Key advantages:
• Great record table!
• Large playing space with scroll and zoom options;
• Simple and conventional appearance with a bright design;
• Levels may be chosen.
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