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Via.Me (View in Google Play)
Developer: RadiumOne Labs
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Via.Me is Your Social Storyboard!

Via.Me lets you share your stories in pictures, video, sound and text. Use Via.Me to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, while hosting it all on your Via.Me social storyboard. It’s never been easier to capture your most memorable moments and share them with all your friends. Everyone is raving about Via.Me’s app and online profile. Try it now!

“Via.Me is an Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr hybrid” Says Shiny Shiny’s App of The Day

“Via.Me, The Social Media App That Does it All” says Latest Gadgets

Via.Me Key Features:

★ MULTIMEDIA SHARING: Via.Me let’s you share your story is pictures, video, sound and text.

★ 15 FANTASTIC PHOTO FILTERS: Choose from over 15 best in class photo filters!

★ INSTANT SOCIAL SHARING: Easily share photos to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. More sharing destinations coming…

★ FRIEND FEED: See photos, videos and audio clips from your friends and people you follow in a simple and organized feed.

★ EXPLORE FEED: Discover amazing content and new users in a completely curated feed.

★ SOCIAL COMMENTARY: You and your friends can like and comment on each other’s photos, adding commentary to the special moments you’ve captured.

★ INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Never miss a friend’s comment. Via.Me tells you when someone interacts with your photos, even when Via.Me is closed.

★ ONLINE PROFILE: Create and share content with the Via.Me app and view you and your friend’s content on your online profile.

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